How to do?

My account has been deleted !?

A profile must meet the following requirements

  • Show a profile photo, so a photo of yourself and not an image. Photos of landscapes, cartoons, pets, etc. are not considered profile photos.
  • Have a completed profile, including country and city, and have a text that includes a further description of yourself, your hobbies and what you are looking for in the smoothy club.
  • Log in regularly. If you do not log in for a long time, we assume that you are no longer interested.

Applications that do not meet these requirements will be deleted.
You can re-register if necessary, taking into account the above requirements

Adjust profile
If you haven't done it yet: complete your profile. At the top of the photo bar, at the bottom left next to the circle, click on settings (the blue asterisk). You will then be taken to the page with your profile. You can change your name, place of residence, date of birth and desired language there. In the section 'about me' you can tell more about yourself and what you are looking for.

How to post and adjust photos
Click on my photos in the menu on the left. You will then be taken to a page where all your photos are. Click on 'upload a photo' and you can then upload a photo from your computer to the site. You can add a title to the photo.
Below the photo on the right you see 'adjust'. Click on it and you can choose to delete the photo, set it as a profile photo or remove it from the photo bar at the top of the screen.

Remove my Account
In the page with your profile you can change your e-mail address, choose a different password or delete your account.

Create a group
Members have the option to create their own group. Your own community with your own members and photos and videos. The group can be public or private. The owner of the group determines who has access. See the photo group as an example.
Click on 'create group' in the menu. On the next page, enter the group details: name, description and visibility (public or private). You can also enter a number of tags (keywords). Finally, post another club photo and click publish group. Congratulations: your own group is now visible!